who is the contemporary goddess?

The modern woman has spent decades suppressing her true nature by not being fully liberated. She’s spent lifetimes vacillating between acquiescence + dependency and proving herself, fighting, achieving and conquering.

Are you tired of putting on the armor? Of suiting up? Of being like the others? Of pleasing people?

You are not like others!

You, in your exquisite YOUness, are a divine magnificent creature capable of living from the heart and soul of your truth.

I’m calling you, YOU, yes you! The wild one within, the utmost magnificent expression of yourself.
The Goddess who delights in her BEINGness, just because she’s here.

Hi Love! I’m Sofia, a contemporary goddess, who for most of her life, didn’t feel like one.

I am here as an example for you to live courageously with abandon and as a permission slip for you to be your full Goddess self…
You can read more about my journey here.

Your goddess is here and ready to merge with you.

Are you ready for her?

Where does your Goddess live inside you?

What does She look like?

How does She express herself?

How does She connect to Her wildness?

Whether you believe it fully or not, you are wild and free and flawed and masterful. You are dynamic and powerful. You are meek and mild and delicate and fragile. You are delicious complexity. You are embodied.

You are Goddess.

When you rise and step into your cloak of freedom, you lay yourself bare and become potent in your vulnerability.

You live your truth.

Others may or may not like it. The most important thing is that you embrace it.

this is why you are here.

How i met the goddess

It started with Athena…

Athena; the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, mathematics, strength, war strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill… My name is Sofia and in Greek this word means wisdom… So, I felt a connection with this goddess without really understanding why.

Then, in my early 20’s a woman I did not know well told me I carried the energy of the Goddess within me. At the time, I was felt no goddess energy in me whatsoever, but she saw it. Later on, others saw it. I became known as “the cosmic goddess” among my friends.

Moving from Athena to Aphrodite

Ironically, it was in some of my darkest moments that the goddess of love appeared.

It was during a spiritual crisis that was my biggest awakening to date (I’ve had a few) that I was lying on the floor drenched in tears, completely devoid of hope and joy, when I saw the words The Contemporary Goddess flash across my field of vision. All I knew were these words. At the time I was at the end of my dark night of the soul and at the beginning stages of re-wilding myself and totally surrendering to life.

The Goddess spoke to me that day in such a way that I’d never heard before, loud and clear and the frail relationship we had, started to get stronger and blossom more and more.

I started to feel and embody the Venus energy of Aphrodite and kept Athena in her rightful place whenever I needed her.

No more fighting.

Along the journey with the Goddess of Love, I’ve learned how to put down my sword, I’ve come to understand and embody that we can stop being in battle all the time. We can be wise warriors and slay dragons without swords. We can cut through the bullshit with truth and love of who we are. The essence of Aphrodite is sensual and flowing, like a river and this is the energy I carry within in me now.

Who Am I Today?

I have been on a journey of a thousand lifetimes/miles. I have been to the depths of despair and have arisen in alchemy to find wholeness, completion, and utter freedom. My wisdom preceded me… an ancient soul embodied inside a spinning, turbulent, uncertain life.

I come from a long line of strong, fierce and intuitive women.

At times I have struggled not to lead with my head, but the heart beats stronger and louder than anything else… The heart will always win. It is in the heart space that I laid down my sword and knelt at the altar of Aphrodite. It is in the heart space that I cracked myself open and laid myself totally bare. Now, I lead with my heart.

I walk the path of healing my shadows and meeting the unmet parts of myself. These parts have now been reclaimed fully, my soul has been retrieved and I have become whole. Now it is time to share myself with you in the ways of light and love and in truth and nakedness… In these, the ways of the Goddess, with whom I live and speak in each and every moment.

“You are a light filled goddess whose heart is without boundary.” ~ Mandy Trichell

“You are a torch sister in my life. Your bravery and truth to self is gorgeous to witness, learn from and be inspired by.” ~ Jenna Robino

“You are a courageous, intelligent, articulate woman who is bold in putting her thinking out there for the benefit of others.” ~ Becky Stephens Pate


You are an incredible example of the full spectrum that we humans can experience… some of it is unfathomably difficult… and here you are, standing tall, rising up, shining bright. You have been and continue to be polished like a gem.

the short version

portuguese    |   alchemist    |   catalyst    |    healer    |    maker     |     sensualist    |    artist    |    writer    |    poet    |    lioness    |    indigo    |   renaissance woman    |    old soul    |    quirky    |    feisty    |    emotionally spicy
cancer sun, libra rising, virgo moon      INFJ
loves humans, animals and nature | loves yoda, ewoks and droids, just because
finds intense pleasure in music, art and words | believes in exquisite self-care
loves funky sunglasses and old school diners
is a work in progress…

the long version


Currently living in Porto, Portugal and raised in both Houston, TX and Porto, Portugal.

Deep Soul Diver...

I follow my own ritual and path of self-discovery: learning the lovely art of trust and surrender, including but not limited to getting the fuck out of my own way and letting the universe take the lead.
It’s all still unfolding…

Spirit Dweller...

I dwell in connection to oneness through nature, humans and animals.
Regarding animals, I have an eternal soft spot for dogs.
You’ll find me snapping photos of clouds, trees, bodies of water and other nature-filled elements, hugging people deeply and petting every dog I see.

Alchemist. Catalyst...

In the professional realms, I’m a Soul Alignment Coach & Intuitive Guide.
I’m also professional organizer & life coach.
I help liberate people from what holds them back in life.
I help them be more of who they are so they can show up in the world to create more love, beauty and healing.


I live in deep partnership with my senses.
Sight, sound, color, touch and smell transport me to other worlds when I engage with each one.
My intuitive spidey 6th sense is highly developed, in frequent use and always driving shotgun.


Yes. Pleasure is my middle name and I live it intensely through music, art, words and touch.
And this is just the beginning…

Wild & Free...

Untamed. Continuously expanding my limits. Meeting desire head on.
Stretching, spreading my wings and reaching for the exquisite.
Living outside the box. Breaking down paradigms.

Paradoxical Creature...

Blend of right & left brain.
Creative and analytical.
Extroverted introvert.
Romantic and realist.
Mostly bold and sometimes shy.

Mostly Bold, Sometimes Shy...

Bold moments include jumping out of an airplane, singing Summertime in front of crowd and  sharing my authentic truth as often as I can.

And other bold moments, well….I can’t tell you those 😉

Seriously Silly...

Huge amounts of silly come through me.
Foreign accents and all.
Cartoon like voices when talking to pets.
Corny dance moves in line at the coffee shop. The works!
Hilarity always ensues.

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