Divine Beloved

Sofia Alvim, Goddess & Intuitive Guide

22 September 2015

I lay and gaze at the midnight sky,
I feel your quiet darkness and see all your bright spots,
I dance to your waves and I melt in your heat.
I bear witness to your rage and your unencumbered joy.

I revel in your rays of sunshine and I swim into yours storms.
Your heart the size of the moon, shines brightly on the wounds of my humanness.
And it is here that I met myself…

Through the cracks and falls, through the peaks and valleys,
In the embrace and in the emptiness,
It is here that I came to know myself…

Past and future merged into present
With the weight of your wings, and the breadth of your love,
I gave it back in spades to the world,
I shared your gold with all the Divine Earthlings
And it is here that I began to love myself…

In you, in your arms,
In your light, in your exquisite Divinity…
For your stars are mine and mine are yours,
And together we are the ALL and the NOTHING all at once
Impermeable, constant and infinite.

Divine Beloved, it is here in you that I became myself.
It is here in You, where I shall always return.

Goddess is calling you home…ENTER MY TEMPLE.

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