What is a contemporary goddess?

A contemporary goddess is a woman who lives with courage.
She does not have a particular shape or age.
She is liberated and expressed.
She embraces her shadow.
She is here, now, and ready to live more fully.
She has an appetite for pleasure and a growing capacity to share it with those she loves.

She is who I once dreamed of becoming and now am.
If I can find her in myself, so can you.
She is available and waiting for you within.

I started this online temple to explore how to awaken the goddess within and share my story so that others on this path would know they are not alone.

You are not alone.


For resources on embodiment, sacred sexuality, feminine power, and living as the goddess archetype, I invite you begin here:

How I got here: Find yourself in my story…

First, I let go of clutter
Then, I reclaimed my voice
I released the pressure to be thin
I reclaimed my body
I honored my beauty, released abandonment and found fierce self-love
I FINALLY learned what makes great sex

Go deeper with me…

Answering the Call
Getting Through the Dark Night
Living in the Void
I found home both inside and out
Sacred Sexuality for Beginners
The Holy Business of Business

Ultimately, the Contemporary Goddess journey is about fierce, ferocious, wild self-love.

If that sounds like something you could use a whopping dose of, you are in the right place.


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